Information Policies

information policies

Together, we can bring change by placing libraries on the agenda of decision makers to develop mechanisms that would help us to stop creating digital divides, and help libraries provide access to information and continue promoting reading and research. We are a strong voice leading efforts addressing:

  • Filters
  • Censorship
  • Privacy
  • Access to ebooks and databases
  • Copyright matters
  • Net neutrality
  • Broadband access

My experience developing curricula to train library workers on access to information on the Internet based on the UNESCO/IFLA Internet Manifesto Guidelines, teaching workshops in the USA and in other regions of the world about access to information on the Internet and censorship, supporting efforts related to copyright matters, net neutrality, and increasing broadband access will serve us well to move forward our members’ concerns about information policies which impact all types of libraries. 

I am inspired by the work of the ALA Divisions, the Office for Information Technology Policy, the Office for Intellectual Freedom, and the Center for the Future of Libraries to build on their successful campaigns.

  • Lines of Action: We will train, educate and strategize with members, partners, elected officials, and NGOs to reach decision makers.
  • We must use multiple online and in-person platforms to deliver our message. Stay tuned for more.